A very young student

In 2015 I took on a very young student, Simone, who was interested in the clarinet but was too small for her fingers  to cover the holes. I wanted to take advantage of her enthusiasm, so I started her on my Eb clarinet, which proved to be just the right size (Simone was 8 years old).  She has progressed beautifully and will resume in September playing in both chalemeau and clarion registers.

I wanted to put her into the Music Festival but couldn’t find anything suitable for lower register Eb clarinet. I arranged She’s Like the Swallow, and it came out very well. Accompanied by Penelope Mark, Simone performed it at a pre-festival concert, the festival, where she got an 89, and at the final concert, .  The range for this arrangement is from low G to throat Bb. Notated an octave higher it would be very good for a young alto saxophone player, too. Contact me if you want to get a copy.

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